Insulated Plasterboard

Insulated plasterboard

Insulated plasterboard is a time-saver and provides extra assurance that your insulation will stay in place. Thermal insulation board is attached to the back of the plasterboard for a quicker installation. It's also an affordable option to insulate your walls since insulated plasterboard may be less expensive than buying both component parts.You can select from a number of Celotex and Kingspan insulated plasterboard products in our range since both have well-known names. You may choose between whichever suits you, since both Celotex and Kingspan provide the insulated plasterboard variety in many sizes and thicknesses for installation between and beneath rafters and joists, as well as solid masonry walls.
How to cut plasterboard

Plasterboard sheets are often available in larger dimensions than are required for the current project. Because plasterboard can be utilized in a variety of ways, both DIY projects and bigger-scale situations, it will frequently need to be trimmed to a certain length, but how do you cut plasterboard?

How to cut a straight line in plasterboard

To cut through the plasterboard, first find out where you'll need the line and make a rough drawing with a pencil. Hold a spirit level over the sketch line on the plasterboard and push it down firmly. Cut a shallow groove in the plasterboard using this straight line as a guide. Using anything similar, saw through the plasterboard all the way to its end Check on its progress from time to time to ensure that it stays where you've marked it out.
How to cut a hole in plasterboard

Make an exact cut to the measurements you'll need. nMark out the cut with a pencil. nBanging 50mm inside one of the cut lines with a plasterboard hammer is important (this line will allow you to insert the saw's blade to start the cut, so it's crucial)nInsert the saw into one of the lines and start cutting. nCheck on the progress of your cut frequently to make sure it stays where you marked it out.
How to install insulated plasterboard

Insulated plasterboard is a popular option for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it saves time and effort. How do you put up insulated plasterboard, though? To ensure the insulated plasterboard is properly and quickly installed, we propose utilizing the direct bonding approach.
Direct bond installation of insulated plasterboard starts from an internal corner or a window or door reveal. You should make 1200mm marks to show where the boards will go. Start installing the board that is 15mm short of the floor and it will be against packing strips.

Apply a small amount of adhesive to the wall (each dab should be 750mm x 250mm, covering 20% of the board area) Tap the boards into position with a straight edge and double-check the alignments with the ones made previously. Raise the boards to the ceiling edge and hold them in place until the glue has cured. At approximately 25mm from each edge, nail fixings into all other boards. Using this method, butt all remaining boards together and secure them using the same technique

Can you dot and dab insulated plasterboard? Although not our primary recommended method of installing insulated plasterboard, dot and dab is another method of fixing insulated plasterboard.