Knauf Plasterboard

Knauf Plasterboard

Knauf is a major supplier of gypsum-based building materials in the United Kingdom, including plasterboard, drywall systems, and drywall accessories. Knauf is constantly working to develop the most effective construction materials through research, innovation, and development., and here at Builders Insulation's, we are proud to offer a range of Knauf plasterboard.


Due to its flexibility, strength, and simplicity of application, the Knauf wallboard is most often used in walls, ceilings, and linings. The finest quality gypsum is used to make Knauf wallboards with tapered or square edges available.

Sound reduction plasterboard

The Knauf sound panel was created with increased sound performance and a higher density, making it perfect for residential applications where 10kg/m2 is required and is suitable for immediate plaster decorating Alternatively, for more industrial applications, such as schools and hospitals, you can opt for Soundshield Plus. As well as providing superior sound reduction, it also offers high fire and impact resistance.

Vapour & moisture-resistant plasterboard

The metallized polyester film in Knauf's Vapour Panel provides an excellent barrier against vapour and moisture diffusion. It is particularly well suited for lining outside walls and roofs because of this feature.. Alternatively, If you don't want to seal the entire wall, consider using a Knauf Moisture Panel instead. The Knauf Moisture Panel has additives within the core to repel moisture and may be used in bathrooms and kitchens where high humidity is an issue.

Another option is the Knauf Aquapanel, which comes in both an Interior form and exterior form. The Interior Aquapanel cement board is a tile backer that may be used in wet rooms such as bathrooms, showers, and wet rooms for indoor applications. The Interior Aquaponel will not be harmed by water and is mold and mildew resistant.. The Knauf Aquapanel Exterior Cement Board may be used as a render substrate and is a weather- and water-resistant, high-quality construction material. The Aquapanel Exterior cement board combines all of the advantages of a dry panel system with the durability of brick and block. Aquapanel will come with a Knauf Aquapanel installation guide, but please contact our staff if you need further information.

Cutting Aquapanel is quick and easy, and both the interior and exterior Aquapanel products can be scored and snapped in order to create the correct sized panels.

Fire-resistant plasterboard

With the addition of a second layer, this fire-rated product can now sustain an hour of exposure to flames. The Fire Panel from Knauf offers up to an hour of fire resistance when installed on either side of a Knauf Performer wall.