Insulation Slab

Insulation Slab

Insulation slab from well-known brands such as ROCKWOOL and Knauf make up our varied range. Because of their ease of use, numerous slabs insulation products are utilized. Most slabs insulation materials are friction-fitted between joists and studs, offering excellent thermally insulating properties while also being fire-resistant. When you install it, slab insulation is not only thermally insulating but also resistant to fires and will therefore keep your family and home safer. Slab insulation is suitable for walled spaces, floors, roofs, and walls; try it out for easier installation and superior thermal results.

 Rockwool insulation slab

Manufactured from stone, ROCKWOOL insulation slabs are high density but easy to cut. ROCKWOOL RWA45, ROCKWOOL RW3, and ROCKWOOL FlexiSlab are just a few of the great products we can offer for you to insulate your home with ROCKWOOL slabs. Slabs from ROCKWOOL are a great choice since they are simple to install. In all metal and timber frame constructions, they may simply be friction-fitted into joists and studs. The edges of the FlexiSlab from ROCKWOOL have been patented, ensuring that it fits securely in all widths and is even easier to install. There's also a variety of rockwool sound insulation slabs on offer, which will minimize sound transmission between rooms and through the walls of the property.

 Sound insulation

Sound insulation can help improve your quality of life by offering everything from a better night’s sleep to a white-noise free work environment. Installing a ROCKWOOL sound slab in the walls can cut noise from entering and exiting your home, allowing you to stop neighbor's yapping dogs from keeping you awake while also protecting you from your teenager's music selections. Acoustic insulation is available in slab form as well as rolls, mats, and boards from ROCKWELL.

 Rockwool Flexi Slab

The Rockwool Flexi Slab is one of several revolutionary Rockwool sound insulation systems. For many years, Rockwool has manufactured insulating materials for homes, trades, fire protection, industrial insulation, and even marine and offshore insulation. You may trust that a Rockwool product will be produced to the highest possible quality level to provide excellent thermal efficiency.

What is Rockwool Flexi slab?

Rockwool flexi slab insulation is a slab-shaped multi-use insulation product made from renewable volcanic rock. Rockwool is extremely fire resistant due to its natural source of volcanic rock and its renewable features, reducing the carbon footprint of buildings considerably. Stone wool is also an excellent insulator since the tiny strands trap numerous air bubbles between them, preventing heat from passing through and keeping the structure warmer on cold days and colder on warm days.

 The benefits of using Rockwool Flexi Slabs

Thermal, acoustic and fire resistant

Rockwool Flexi Slabs have excellent thermal, acoustic, and fire resistance properties, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, Rockwool Flexi Slabs are non-combustible to Euroclass grade A1.

 Patented flexible edge

The Flexi slabs include a one-of-a-kind and patented flexible edge along one side of the insulation slab. This flexible edge ensures that adjacent insulating slabs have a firm friction fit with the supporting framework, reducing the likelihood of air gaps developing, which may lower the insulating effectiveness and allow air to flow through.

Semi-rigid structure

The insulation slabs in the Rockwool Flexi line have been designed to be semi-rigid, which means they will not slump down over time, even if the studs within which they are placed shrink. This significantly improves the product's longevity and ensures that the flexi slabs remain highly insulating over time.

 Wide range available

Rockwool Flexi Slabs are available in a variety of thicknesses and widths to suit a variety of tasks, including acoustic and fire insulation for walls, separating walls and floors, and thermal insulation for suspended floors, walls, roofs, and more.

Rockwool RWA45

The Rockwool RWA45 slabs are one of the most well-known ROCKWOOL products. ROCKWOOL has over 40 years of expertise in the creation and manufacture of insulating materials from stone wool, and each item is intended to improve building insulation, fire protection, and energy use.

 Rockwool RWA45 insulation slabs

The high R-value of the ROCKWOOL insulating slabs, combined with their flexibility and ability to be installed on curved surfaces, make them ideal for both thermal and acoustic insulation in a variety of general construction applications.

 RWA45 characteristics

Rockwool RWA45 slabs are made from mineral wool, which is heated to high temperatures before being spun into hundreds of thin strands. The tiny fibers are compressed and compacted into slab-shaped panels before being bonded with resin.. The RWA45 insulation slabs are produced in a method that ensures they maintain their shape throughout the building's life, resulting in a high thermal and acoustic performance while also being easy to handle, transport, and install. It also implies that RWA45 slabs will not require any maintenance after installation.

 RWA45 acoustic insulation

ROCKWOOL RWA45 slabs are acoustic insulation materials that work in two ways to reduce noise. They act as a barrier to sound transmission and, second, the fibres within the RWA45 insulation absorb sound.

 RWA45 fire resistance

The Rockwool RWA45 slabs are fire-resistant, with an A1 non-combustible ranking from the European Standard EN 13783. This is the best level of fire performance and indicates that RWA45 insulation may be used to partition rooms within a structure, lowering the chance of flames spreading.

 RWA45 water repellent

ROCKWOOL insulation, like other types of polystyrene, is hydrophobic because it contains water repellent properties. This helps to prevent a build-up of moisture and dampness, which can lead to deterioration and structural damage.

Rockwool RWA45 insulation slabs come in a wide range of thicknesses, from 25mm to 100mm, making them suitable for a broad range of applications, including ceilings, walls, and floors.