Acoustic Panels

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Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are used to absorb sound and noise in commercial settings, including echoes and voices. Builders Insulation's acoustic panels are designed with business areas like schools and offices in mind and are all suitable for acoustic insulation in open-plan offices, assembly halls, and reception areas. These panels will reduce the transmission of sound AND the echoing of sounds

When it comes to acoustic panels, you don't have to give up style. Acoustic panels come in a variety of sizes and hues, so there's no need to sacrifice design for function. Custom designs or logos are also available for purchase, which is ideal for advertising a company or sponsor partner in a school environment. These bespoke panels are subject to a minimum order of two.

Acoustic panels are installed in walls and ceilings, but they may be used to produce stunning visual effects as well. They don't have to be a eyesore in an otherwise nicely decorated area; they can provide a nice backdrop in the company or school colors.