Mineral Wool

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Mineral Wool Insulation

Mineral wool insulation from Builders Insulation is pleased to provide a diverse selection of mineral wool insulation products, including high-quality and well-known brands such as ROCKWOOL and Isover.

What is mineral wool insulation?

Mineral wool insulation is a form of synthetic insulation that is made from natural materials such as stone and glass. Mineral cotton, mineral fiber, man-made mineral fiber, and man-made vitreous fibre are just a few of the names it goes by.

How is mineral wool insulation made?

In the second step, natural or industrial materials are heated to very high temperatures and combined together. The melted material is then rapidly spun into fibres that resemble cotton. Insulation can be produced from these fibers in a variety of ways, including as rolls of insulation or insulation batts

What are the benefits of mineral wool insulation?

Acoustic insulation

Mineral wool insulation is made of tiny air pockets that function as acoustical sound insulators, which is why it's such an effective kind of acoustic noise reduction. There are a lot of naturally occurring air pockets in the mineral wool insulation roll because it's formed in this manner.

Thermal insulation

Mineral wool insulation has excellent thermal insulating characteristics since it results from the natural formation of air pockets. The air pockets impede heat transfer, reducing heat loss.


Mineral wool is a highly safe and durable material. It is constantly being tested for safety in order to ensure that it continues to be used, with over 1,000 tests conducted in the last 50 years toward that end. Mineral wool insulation also protects against fire; it is almost incombustible, which makes the building safer.


Mineral wool insulation is also environmentally beneficial because the manufacturing process produces little waste and it is composed of raw materials that are frequently recycled - Isover's mineral wool insulation products contain 86% recycled glass. This means mineral wool insulation is an excellent alternative for projects where environmental sustainability is important.

Easy handling, transportation and installation

Mineral wool insulation is less dense than other types of insulation and, while still providing insulation, is thinner. This means that less mineral wool is needed to insulate a house, and it can be more readily handled and transported. Mineral wool's light weight and flexibility make it simple to install since it is easier to handle and transport.

Where can mineral wool insulation be used?

Mineral wool insulation is highly adaptable, and it may be used in a wide range of applications, including loft insulation, roof insulation, cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, piping or panels. It can fit between timber and metal frames, between rafters, and in a variety of other fittings. Because it fits in between timber and metal frames as well as between rafters, the potential applications and uses of mineral wool are virtually endless.