PIR Insulation

PIR Insulation

PIR comes in easy-to-install insulation boards that are simple to work with and easy to cut so PIR insulation is a favourite in the insulation industry. A board's thermal conductivity is decreased by combining materials at high temperatures, causing gases to be released and trapped in cells within the board. This form of insulation prevents heat from flowing freely. The PIR insulation board is sometimes covered with foil or a mineral glass finish. It's moisture resistant due to the use of foil.

High Thermal Performance

Heat-fused materials generate heat, which causes gases to be released and trapped in the board's cells. This kind of insulation prevents heat from passing through it freely. Depending on the manufacturer and intended use, PIR insulation boards are either covered with foil or a mineral glass coating. The moisture resistance of foil facings is questionable.


Insulation that utilizes PIR is quite effective, and improved insulation materials now exist with very high thermal conductivity from a thin board. This considerably lowers the amount of build-up required, allowing for more floor area.

High Longevity and Performance

PIR insulation boards do not splay or weaken with time, contributing to their dependability and effectiveness. One of the reasons why PIR loft insulation board is so popular is because it does not bow or become flimsy over time. Depending on the maker, these boards are also frequently fire-resistant.