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Builders Insulation is proud to offer a wide range of insulation boards, from a variety of well-known brands and industry leaders, such as Celotex insulation board, Ecotherm insulation, and Kingspan insulation boards. We can supply your project with a loft insulation board at a reasonable price, from general purpose applications to project-specific custom solutions. We provide direct delivery to your site so you don't have to leave!

With so many brand names and types of loft board available, You will be able to locate the insulation board you have been assigned, as well as all of the fixtures and fittings you'll need. We're confident that we've got everything you require, and with our consistently low rates, you'll never have to look outside again.

What is insulation board?

Insulation boards, also referred to as insulation foam board, loft boards, or rigid foam, are a rigid material, manufactured in sheets, Instead of the traditional, ugly and porous cellulose or polystyrene that you find in rolls within stores, rigid board insulation is lightweight, more fire resistant, and doesn't require any special tools. It's also easy to install since it comes in a wide selection of materials, sizes, and thicknesses. To make certain you can discover the right

What are the different types of insulation board available?

PIR insulation boards

PIR boards (polyisocyanurate insulation) are manufactured by blending a selection of materials together to create a single board of rigid foam insulation. Heat is generated throughout the reaction, causing gases to be released and subsequently trapped inside cells. This results in excellent thermal performance, and the foam board is sandwiched between two foil facings - they're frequently moisture resistant to keep the insulation from getting damp, which can significantly impair its efficacy.

PIR board is a popular form of insulation, as not only can it be used in a wide range of applications, but it is also light and easy to install - in fact, most homeowners can fit their insulation boards without any tools or experience. You'll find that PIR insulation board has a variety of applications, from wall insulation to loft insulation, with many benefits over traditional materials such as cellulose and polystyrene.

PIR board is also regarded one of the most efficient types of insulation available, and it has several advantages over other forms. PIR board's structural stability makes installation easier and enhances longevity because it does not saggethe long run.

PIR insulation fire rating - PIR insulation is typically used for its fire-resistant qualities, which are due to the chemical reactions utilized to create PIR board.

Take a look at Builders Insulation's range of PIR boards, from brands including Celotex, Kingspan, Reticel and Quinn Therm.


XPS insulation boards

XPS insulation (Extruded Polystyrene Insulation) is a closed-cell, rigid form of insulation board. An Extrusion process is used during the manufacturing of XPS, meaning that products are melted together, and the liquid is then shaped through a die, expanding as it cools.The closed-cell structure of XPS insulation makes it resistant to water penetration and the manufacturing process produces a robust and strong insulation board with high compressive strength. As a floor insulation board, XPS is an excellent option for ceilings and flat roofs since it has such great compressive strength.

XPS insulation is moisture resistant, meaning mould and damp are less likely to grow. It has long-term durability, which means its insulating qualities do not decay over time. It is also reusable - old XPS boards can be melted down and used to make new XPS boards, minimizing their environmental effect.

If XPS insulation is your choice, take a look at our range of XPS boards from brands such as Fibran, Danosa, Cellecta and Kingspan for more information.

EPS insulation boards

EPS insulation (Expanded Polystyrene Insulation) is similar to XPS insulation but goes through a different manufacturing process. Instead of melting products together to form a liquid, a mould is used, that is filled with small foam beads. This is then warmed using heat or steam, causing the foam beads to expand and fuse together. EPS insulation, like XPS, has tiny gaps between the beads where they haven't completely bonded together. This means that water can seep through the insulation, reducing its effectiveness.If you're on a tight budget, you might go with EPS insulation since it's both thermally efficient and one of the most cost-effective insulating materials available.

Benefits of EPS insulation include it’s cost-effective prices,XPS logs are lightweight, making transportation, handling, and installation simple. Its durability - that of XPS boards or EPS insulation's insulating capabilities - does not deteriorate with time.

For more information on EPS insulation, take a look at our collection of EPS boards from Styrene and Jablite.

Types of insulation board edging

There are a number of different finishes of loft board, or insulation board, depending on the specific project in mind.

Tongue and groove insulation board

Tongue-and-groove edging is available on several insulation boards, including THHN or polystyrene board. Tongue and groove edging is made up of precision cut slots that ensure the insulation boards fit closely together with no gaps. This helps to reduce heat loss via thermal bridging, resulting in improved insulating properties for the

Tapered edge insulation board

Tapered edge insulation, on the other hand, is most often used to construct tapered edge insulation boards. They are a type of insulated plasterboard that combines both insulation and plasterboard to save time during installation. These boards have thinner margins on the sides, so you may dry-line them with scrim and joint fillers without affecting the smooth surface

Shiplap insulation board

Shiplap edge insulation boards are similar to tongue and groove edging, The term "shiplap" was used to describe this planks' look and feel, but it has a minor variant. The shiplap edged insulation boards have tiny grooves that allow each board to fit together securely with the neighboring boards, giving structural integrity, stability, and strength.

Square edge insulation boards

Square edge insulation boards are simply pieces of insulating material that have no particular joints, grooves, or edges, but are cut square. Square edge insulating boards are common in large projects since they fit together readily.

What can insulation boards be used for?

Insulation boards come in a variety of styles, depending on the materials they're composed of and the purpose for which they are used. General-purpose insulation boards such as Celotex GA4000, Celotex XR4000 and Eco-Therm Eco-Versal are perfect for many standard applications. The huge popularity of hip roofs, ceilings, floors, and walls owes in part to the fact that they are simple to install.

Insulation board that is for more specific applications such as the range of wood-fibre Pavatex boards and JCW Acoustic’s boards can also be found here at Builders Insulation's. JCW Acoustic Deck 28 for example is designed to be laid directly over timber floors to reduce impact and airborne noise. If it is put in walls or pitched roofs, this product will not work. As a result, finding the proper insulation board for the specific application is critical to achieving optimal insulation levels.

Cutting insulation board

While insulation boards are available in sizes that are portable and simple to handle, the dimensions of your project will necessitate the cutting of a number of insulation boards to make an entire cover over the area you're insulating.. Many insulation boards, such as Celotex, come with a grid marked on, which can act as a guide to help ensure the thermal insulation board is cut in a straight line. Cutting insulation board using a utility knife or saw is the best approach, but before doing so, measure the region that will be insulated and then make a straight line on the insulation board indicating where the insulating sheet should be cut. Score along the line with a straight edge, such as a ruler, if using a utility knife. Then repeat the scored

Always, when using an electric saw to cut insulation board, wear the proper safety gear and equipment. Goggles are necessary to prevent dust from harming your eyes, as is a dust mask or respirator, but be sure you aren't wearing any long sleeves or jewelry that could get caught in the machine. Additionally, we recommend avoiding gloves since they will

Our most popular insulation board

Celotex insulation board

Offering a number of different ranges of insulation board, Celotex have ensured that they have created a product for every possible situation.Celotex insulation boards are available in a variety of thicknesses, and their versatility makes them an excellent choice for increasing the overall building's insulation property. Celotex insulation boards can be used to improve the insulation of both residential and commercial structures, including general purpose insulating panels, fire resistance insulating panels, partial fill cavity wall insulating boards

Celotex insulation boards are continuously developing, Celotex insulation boards, which are manufactured with their years of expertise and high-quality innovation, offer exceptional heat resistance. Take a look at an easy-to-understand comparison chart of Celotex insulation boards to see what they have to offer.

Kingspan insulation board

Kingspan is one of the most well-known brands around when looking for insulation boards. With a huge selection of diverse insulating boards, including the well-known Kingspan Kooltherm boards. Kingspan insulation boards are created especially for contractors and do-it-yourselfers who work in both residential and commercial construction.

Kingspan insulation boards are available in a number of different thicknesses, conductivities and materials, and can be used in walls, pitched roofs, external walls, flat roofs, floors and even balconies, to ensure the building is well insulated with minimal heat loss.

Quinn Therm insulation board

Quinn Therm offers a wide range of PIR insulation boards that can be used in numerous projects, including floor, wall, roof and retrofit insulation projects.Quinn Therm is a company that specializes in the development of high-performance insulation boards, and one of the reasons why Quinn Therm insulation boards are so popular is because of it.

 With a thermal conductivity of 0.022W/mK, it is incredibly effective, and the foil facings also have a hemispherical emissivity which improves the thermal resistance of any cavities in close proximity to Quinn Therm insulation boards, further reducing heat loss.

Furthermore, because Quinn Therm insulation boards are made to last the building's existence, they are extremely long-lasting and resistant to rotting and are anti fungal.