Trade Credit

  • Step 1 - Fill up your shopping basket with everything you need

  • Step 2 - Choose Two at checkout before placing your order

  • Step 3 - We make preparation for your order

  • Step 4 - we will send you a "smart invoice" to sign

  • step 5- You have up to 30 days to pay details on the invoice

Interested in applying for Trade Credit with Two Payment Services ? Fill out an Online trade account form we’ll let you know if you’re eligible!

Buy Now & Pay Later with 
Two and Builders Insulation

Cashflow for businesses, especially, when you’re buying materials for a job can be tricky. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Two, a specialist in providing Buy Now Pay Later solutions for online business purchases. The best part? Two offers you interest-free trade credit!

Why are we offering Two Payment Services ?

Builders Insulation is partnering with the best buy now pay later finance providers to give you more flexible credit options when paying for their services and more time to pay.Two Payment Services is an innovative way to help you pay from Two Payment Services.. We are only initially offering this to previous customers who have ordered from us before.

How does working with Two Payment Services work?

We are only initially offering this to previous customers who have ordered from us before. We will be rolling out this service to new account in 2024. When you use Two Payment Services you can pay for your Builders Insulation order 30 days upon invoicing, at no extra charge. We’ll confirm your payment choice with you via email, along with your agreed payment plan and our account details. We’ll remind you when it’s time to pay and you can organise via bank transfer.

Will this affect my credit score?

We’ll perform a soft credit search on your business to check if you’re eligible. These kinds of searches have no impact at all on your credit score. If you pass this, Two Payment Services will be activated on your account. The first time you choose to pay with Two Payment Services at checkout, a hard search will be made (this will only happen on the first order). The search will appear on your credit report. Multiple hard searches in a short period of time may affect your credit score.

Who is Two Payment Services ?

Two is a leading EU based FinTech and embedded finance platform for businesses Two offer a B2B deferred payment infrastructure for the platform economy. Its API-powered solution enables marketplaces and Transactional SaaS to improve their growth by offering instant payments to their providers while maintaining cash flow until their customer has paid.

What does it cost?

There are no extra fees if you pay with Two Payment Services, as long as you settle your invoice when it’s due (30 days from Invoice) There is a cost if your you are late on your payments and you there penalties could be costly.

Can I increase my limit?

If you enjoy paying with Two Payment Services but want access to a higher limit then sometimes we’re able to increase it. Making sure you successfully repay invoices on time can increase the likelihood of this. We would need a minimum of either 1 successful repayment + Open Banking connection or 3 successful repayments to consider any limit increase requests.

Two Payment Services & Trade Credit


By accepting these terms, you validate the General Service Conditions of Two (Two T&C). They will only be applicable if you are involved in the assignment of receivables and products supplied by Builders Insulation (Construction Warehouse Limited).

The terms beginning with a capital letter in these

Terms and Conditions are defined as follows. Client: Any legal entity introduced to the Provider by the Platform and bound to the Provider and/or the Platform by a contract under which the Provider has carried out one or more Provisions.

Partner: Two, Oslo, Norway Kongens gate 6, 0153,

Platform: refers to any legal entity that has put the Client and the Provider in contact with each other and has subscribed to the services offered by the Partner.

Provider: Any legal entity carrying out one or more Provisions for a Client as part of its professional activity.

Provision: refers to any provision, including service provisions and sale of goods, performed by the Provider for the Client, after being introduced by the Platform.

Receivable: any present or future Receivable that the Provider has against the Client following the completion of a Provision. Terms and

Conditions: These Terms and Conditions.

1. PURPOSE “Two payments” are assignment of due receivables by the Provider or the Platform to the Partner allowing the substitution of creditor for the Clients. The Partner provides technical support to the Platform, the Provider and the Client for the implementation and management of these Two payments.

2. CONDITIONS Access to the Two payments is reserved for legal entities acting in the course of their professional activity. Access to Two payments is subject to the decision of the Partner, who may refuse access to the Client, particularly in the event of a risk of non-payment.

3. INVOICING AND PAYMENT SCHEDULE Each Receivable becomes due and payable on the date on which the Provision has been completed in accordance with the terms of the contract governing the relationship between the Provider, the Platform and the Client. The Client expressly acknowledges that, unless the Partner notifies the Client to the contrary, each of the Receivables shall be assigned by the Provider or the the Platform to the Partner. The Client also expressly acknowledges that the Partner shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to use 2 the Receivables as security, to set up any trust or to assign the Receivables to any third party for any reason whatsoever. The Client undertakes to pay back the Partner for every Receivables assigned at the due date of the invoice. Late interest rate will be borne 15 days after the due date and could be review at 30, 45, 60 or 90 days as indicated by the Platform. If a Receivable is not paid after the expiry of this period, any sum due to the Partner shall automatically bear interest at an annualized rate of 8%, as from the first working day of delay, without the need to give the debtor formal notice. These penalties shall be increased by a fixed recovery allowance of forty (40) euros per unpaid Receivable.

4. STATEMENTS AND WARRANTIES The Client acknowledges that the Receivables have been assigned to the Partner in writing and expressly waives the right to invoke any nullity to refuse to pay the amounts due for each Receivables to the Partner or, if applicable, to any other assignee, as notified by any means by the Partner or said assignee.

5. EFFECTIVE DATE The Client shall make its request to have access to the payment facility via the validation of these Terms and Conditions.

If you are not authorised to make purchases for your company, you are committing a criminal offence by registering for credit.

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