What are the benefits of insulation?

What are the benefits of insulation?

15th Jun 2022

What are the benefits of insulating your home? 

Feb 02.02.2021 by Daniel
Did you know that your home loses 35% of its heat through the walls? And that 25% is going through the roof? With just 10cm of insulation, you can help reduce this heat loss by 75%!

Reducing carbon footprint?

Insulating your home is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint while also lowering your electricity bill!

By insulating your home, especially in the winter, you can naturally retain more heat, which means you won't need to turn on the heating as frequently, if at all. 

Insulation also works throughout the summer, so when the temperature rises outside, it works to maintain a consistent temperature inside your home, keeping your house cooler!

Aside from the cost savings from less heating and cooling, insulation has a low environmental impact because it uses less energy to heat or cool your home. Furthermore, the majority of insulation types and brands are made from recyclable materials or have been manufactured using recycled materials. 

Insulation isn't that expensive, and there are government grants available to help cover the cost; additionally, when your home is well insulated, its value rises!