Plumbing & Heating Accessories

Armaflex Pipe Insulation

Armaflex insulation, which is a flexible, closed-cell, elastomeric, nitrile rubber professional insulation system that prevents condensation while also effectively preventing energy loss.

 Armaflex pipe insulation offers built-in anti-microbial protection that reduces mould and bacteria growth and also has a built-in vapour barrier to prevent condensation.

Climaflex Pipe Insulation

Climaflex pipe insulation is a polyethylene-based closed-cell foam pipe insulation that is used for heating and plumbing. Climaflex pipe insulation is commonly utilized to insulate central heating pipes and as loft space pipe insulation to avoid freezing. In most home settings, Climaflex pipe insulation offers excellent performance at a low cost.

Kooltherm Pipe Insulation Lagging

Because of the seamless, one-piece design, there's no need for any waste when installing Kingspan Kooltherm pipe insulation lagging.

Kooltherm pipe lagging is used to keep pipes from freezing in the cold. Water pipes, for example, are unable to freeze due to Kooltherm pipe lagging. Because the lagging has a solid structure and is difficult to ignite, it also provides fire protection.

Pipe Fire Protection

The Rocksroom INTUME is the first and only intumescent pipe collar, fire sleeve, and pipe wrap solution in the industry. These high-performing solutions are unrivaled in terms of performance and price. With pipe wraps and pipe collars offering 2-hour fire ratings, this range is an optimal combination of fire-stopping supplies and pipe insulation products that can be retrofitted to safeguard properties. These products will stop the spread of fire through walls and floors at the location of pipework and other unavoidable fittings.

Tubolit Polyethylene Pipe Insulation

Tubolit's polyethylene pipe insulation provides a comprehensive range of thermal, acoustical, and protective insulations for building heating, domestic hot and cold water, and sewage pipes in both residential and commercial structures. The collection includes proven methods to reduce energy losses, protect pipes installed within the structure shell, and improve acoustic comfort.