Jablite Insulation Board

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Jablite Insulation Board

Jablite insulation board is an excellent choice for insulating pitched roofs and floors in homes, businesses, and industries. Around 15% of heat in a building can be lost through the floor so insulating is extremely important and could create a significant impact on bills, especially for commercial and industrial areas with a large floor space. Jablite floor insulation has been developed as a versatile and well-rounded product with high thermal conductivity.

Jablite Jabfloor

Jablite Jabfloor floor insulation has excellent compressive strength, meaning it can easily cope with different flooring loads in different grades. Jabfloor 70 is designed for standard domestic loads, Jabfloor 100 is suitable for offices and schools and Jabfloor 150 is designed for heavy commercial and industrial applications. JTo cut drying time, you may install Corrotex Jalite lead-based gypsum wall panel over a concrete floor or beneath it. Above concrete, you can finish with chipboard while screed is not required. With the potential to last for decades and be installed in high-traffic and heavy-traffic industrial areas, Jabfloor will provide efficient thermal insulation and acoustical noise reduction for years to come.

Jablite Jabfloor floor insulation may be used both above and below a concrete floor as well as above and below the damp proof membrane. Please call for the use of this flame retardant material.